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“Yogi-Ji, Please Talk To PM”: Digvijaya Singh Says Defer Ayodhya Event

Digvijaya Singh insisted that the timing of the occasion was “inauspicious”.

New Delhi:

Senior Congress chief Digvijaya Singh, in tweets seen as regressive by many, urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to place off the grand Ram temple launch occasion at Ayodhya on Wednesday, insisting that the timing was “inauspicious” and hinting that it was why many related to the operate had contracted coronavirus.

PM Modi, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and different high leaders are set to attend an elaborate groundbreaking ceremony in Ayodhya on Wednesday on the web site that was handed over for a Ram temple following a Supreme Court verdict after a long time of dispute between Hindus and Muslims.

The spotlight of the occasion can be PM Modi putting in a silver brick as a symbolic begin of the temple development.

“Modi-ji, how many more do you want to send to hospital by performing the groundbreaking rituals? Yogi-ji you please talk to the PM. How can you allow the violation of Sanatan Dharma? What is your compulsion,” Digvijaya Singh posted this morning.

He mentioned clergymen linked to the Ayodhya rituals, a UP minister, the UP BJP chief and Union Home Minister Amit Shah have coronavirus.

“Shouldn’t the UP Chief Minister and the Prime Minister quarantine themselves? Is 14-day quarantine only for the common man and not for the PM?”

The Congress chief mentioned regardless of “warnings”, together with by a seer, the inauspicious date of August 5 had been determined upon as a result of it suited the Prime Minister. “Is Modi’s convenience bigger than thousands of years of Hindu beliefs,” Mr Singh mentioned.

“Lord Ram is central to the belief of crores of Hindus, please don’t undermine established traditions.”

The BJP’s response to the Congress chief’s tweet storm additionally drew from mythology. “We’ve been seeing since time immemorial, whenever something good is happening, ‘Asurs’ (demons) try to create problems. Digvijaya is doing the same,” mentioned Madhya Pradesh Minister Narottam Mishra.


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