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Watch: Snake Appears In Water As Man Feeds Fish. His Reaction Has People In Splits


A Reddit person was horrified to see a snake swim up subsequent to his hand.

While many individuals wouldn’t put their palms instantly in murky water to feed fish, this man did simply that – and almost paid for his mistake too. A video that has folks in stitches reveals a person feeding fish when a snake swims up proper subsequent to his hand in water, sending him operating for his life. 

The video is being extensively circulated on Reddit the place it was shared three days in the past by person “fevertheme”.

In the 16-second clip, the person is seen placing his hand instantly in murky water to feed a college of fish. While issues appear to be going nicely initially, with fish swimming proper as much as his hand, they take a flip for the hilarious when a snake seems within the water too. The video reveals the reptile swimming up proper subsequent to the person’s hand, who doesn’t appear to note it at first. When he does, nevertheless, realise that there’s a probably venomous snake dangerously near his hand, the person rapidly abandons the feeding session to flee the scene.

“Rattlesnakes can swim btw,” the person wrote whereas sharing the clip. Take a take a look at it under:

Rattlesnakes can swim btw from r/WTF

Since being shared on Reddit three days in the past, the video has collected over 44,000 ‘upvotes’ and a whole bunch of amused feedback.

While many debated the form of snake it was – arguing that it didn’t appear to be a venomous rattlesnake – others had a superb chuckle over the person’s “slow reflexes” in noticing the serpent and operating away.

“I thought at first he was trying to remain still on purpose, but I suppose not,” wrote one particular person.

“That’s a water snake, not a rattler,” one other remarked. 

“Ran like the thing was going to jump out and transport him into the 4th dimension,” a Reddit person commented.

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