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Stolen Teddy Bear With Mother’s Last Message Returned To Daughter


A girl has been reunited with the teddy bear that comprises her dying mom’s ultimate message.

A teddy bear that contained a dying mom’s final message to her daughter has been returned to her after a four-day disappearance. Mara Soriano’s teddy bear was inside a backpack that was stolen as she moved homes in Vancouver, Canada, studies the BBC. The bear, when pressed, performed an audio recording of her mom, who died of most cancers final 12 months. 

Mara Soriano’s Twitter attraction for the secure return of the bear gained worldwide consideration. Vancouver-born actor Ryan Reynolds was among the many celebrities who provided a reward for the bear – he stated he would give $5,000 to anybody who returned the bear “zero questions asked”. 

According to CBC News, after days of looking and pleading, Mara Soriano, 28, acquired an electronic mail on Tuesday from somebody who stated he had the bear. Late on Tuesday, two males, who stated they’d discovered the plush toy, returned it to an overjoyed Ms Soriano. 

The two events organized to fulfill at a public place. “We waited, and lo and behold, he just pulled Mama Bear out of his bag, and I just immediately started crying!” Ms Soriano stated to Global News.

“I could not believe it! She was wrapped in a handkerchief, and when he unwrapped it, my knees just buckled… I couldn’t see anything immediately, because my eyes just immediately welled up! I snatched her out of his arms before he could even fully take her out of the handkerchief, and I just hugged her so tightly. I just couldn’t believe my eyes!”

The teddy bear was stolen whereas Ms Soriano and her fiance had been unloading a van. The backpack containing the bear disappeared within the jiffy it was left unattended. Security footage reveals a person selecting up the bag and strolling away. 

The man who returned the bear stated he noticed safety footage of the theft, recognised the thief and retrieved it from him. 

Ryan Reynolds thanked the individuals who facilitated the bear’s return in a tweet.

Mara Soriano was born within the Philippines. She misplaced her mom to most cancers final 12 months.

“At hospice, her voice was different. Much softer. Not the mom I grew up with,” she stated to CBC News. “That bear is the last memory I have of her speaking in her normal voice. 

“She stated that she liked me and she or he was pleased with me and that she’ll all the time be with me.”

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