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Spurs’ Danny Rose says tired of police stopping him to ask if car is stolen


Tottenham Hotspur defender Danny Rose has mentioned he is tired of racial discrimination after being often stopped by police and requested if his car is stolen. The 30-year-old England worldwide mentioned he has had related experiences for the final 15 years. “The last time, last week, when I’d just been at my mum’s house, I had pulled up in a car park so the engine was off,” he advised the Second Captains podcast.

“The police pulled in and they brought a riot van, three police cars and questioned me. They said they’d had a report that a car had not been driving correctly.

“I’m like: ‘So why does that make it my car?’ I got my ID out and they breathalysed me. It’s just one of those things to me now. Each time it’s: ‘Is this car stolen? Where did you get it from? Can you prove that you bought this car.’“

Rose said such incidents had made him sceptical about the prospects of lasting change. “I just give up with hoping that things will change because that’s some people’s mentality towards racism.” Rose mentioned final yr that he couldn’t wait to depart soccer as a result of he had had sufficient of the racism within the sport.


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