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SpaceX’s prototype Mars rocket has flown for the first time


It might seem like a water tower, however SpaceX’s Starship can fly. The rocket, which is designed to ship explorers to the moon and finally Mars, made its first take a look at flight on 4 August.

Like smaller prototypes referred to as Starhoppers that flew in 2019, this take a look at was a fast hop, supposed to take the rocket about 150 metres into the air. SpaceX hasn’t but confirmed whether or not the hop reached its supposed altitude, however general the flight appeared to achieve success, ending with Starship softly touchdown upright subsequent to the pad from which it launched.

The rocket is about 50 metres tall and 9 metres in diameter and is designed to be absolutely reusable in order that it may land after which launch once more shortly afterwards. While its fundamental function is to take folks and provides to area, it could sometime even be used to journey shortly between places on Earth.

The model of Starship that made the hop was the seventh prototype: none of the prior take a look at crafts made it into the sky, and 4 have been destroyed throughout testing. If the Starhopper flights are any indication, it’s probably that Starship will proceed making progressively increased hops till it is able to be blasted into orbit.


If Starship proves itself in orbit, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has mentioned that it’ll finally be used to arrange colonies on the moon and Mars. The SpaceX web site says that Starship, sitting atop a Super Heavy rocket for further enhance, “represent[s] a fully reusable transportation system designed to carry both crew and cargo to Earth orbit, the moon, Mars and beyond”.

A profitable flight take a look at is a significant step in the direction of that purpose. “Mars is looking real,” Musk tweeted after the hop.

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