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Malaika Arora pushes fans towards a fit lifestyle with Yoga challenge Tulasana or hand-balancing asana

Another Monday, one other health challenge from exercise addict Malaika Arora and yet one more encouragement to “choose Yoga everyday”. Laying health motivation this week with an train that guarantees to convey a work-life stability, Malaika inspired fans to rope in Tulasana or hand-balancing asana of Yoga into their exercise routines.

Taking to her Instagram deal with, the diva shared step-by-step process of arriving on the asana. Donning a royal blue sports activities bra with a pair of comparable colored Yoga pants, Malaika pulled again her glossy hair into a excessive braid to maintain her tresses off her face throughout the rigorous train session.

“In today’s day and age, Work Life Balance has become so crucial that it can either make or break our life. Especially in the times of the lockdown, we’ve all struggled to find that balance. So let’s start the week with #MalaikasMoveOfTheWeek with just the right balance (sic),” Malaika shared within the caption. She added, “Go slow and steady and when you do find the right balance, do share and tag me, @sarvayogastudios and @thedivayoga Today’s pose is TULASANA (sic).”


Sit in Padmasana pose of Yoga. Place your palms on the ground beside your thighs or on the bricks for assist in the train.

Inhale deeply and lift your complete physique from the ground whereas balancing it in your palms. Swing your physique backwards and ahead between your arms.

Practice three to five rounds earlier than letting go of the posture.


Malaika shared, “The asana is extremely helpful in relaxing your muscles, strengthening your arms and upper body region. So find a balance and you’ll feel amazing! (sic)”


Other professionals of this efficient exercise embrace calming down the thoughts, giving a massage-like rest to the abs and inside organs and in addition serving to in having a fit abdomen. Tulasana aides correct provide of oxygen when one inhales profoundly by pulling up the stomach tight throughout the asana and will increase the main focus of eyes whereas boosting core functionalities.

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