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In the West , no matter how big you are, you have to be on time: Shannon


Singer Shannon Ok has created an identification for herself past being often called Kumar Sanu’s daughter. The musician has been residing in the US and dealing there as a musician for a number of years. Even although Sanu is one among the hottest singers in Bollywood, Shannon has by no means actually focussed on her profession right here.


“I don’t have any specific plans at this very moment but you never know what the future holds. I have already done a couple of songs in Bollywood. There, I have to understand what the composer’s vision is and try to deliver that with a touch of my own creative thoughts, too. It’s interesting to be in someone else’s shoe and interpret it in my own words. As for writing in West, it’s usually according to my personal experience or surroundings that have inspired me to write about. After I’ve gotten down the mood of my song and melody, I get into the studio and start building the music with the producer according to the vibe. After the music is done, I head over to record my vocals. It takes two to five hours. Sometimes, I write from scratch in the studio, create the melody and then the music with my producers. Both the sides are as creative as the other in their respective ways,” says Shannon, including that main distinction between working in Bollywood and in the West is “punctuality”. “In the West, there is no excuse. No matter how big you are, you have to be there on time,” she says.


The singer who has launched a brand new single titled Run, says that she has been working always throughout the pandemic. “It was tough working during the pandemic as I was at home for most of the months. I’ve learnt a lot from Covid-19 situation so, I decided to focus on my songwriting and other new skills to keep myself busy during the pandemic,” she says.

Talking extra about the expertise of constructing Run, Shannon says, “My past experiences inspired me to write the song. As a young Indian girl who aspires to become an artiste, comes down to the land of dreams aka Hollywood, I was very much insecure about myself and that had been bugging me a lot, not to mention the kinds of things I heard from people tell me when I had first started my career. I had people laugh at me when I shared with them what I wanted to be. All that memories made me wanna write a song to motivate not just myself but all the others who’ve gone through something similar or have lost their self confidence.”


Apart from her music, Shannon can also be working on a podcast and finding out, too, on the facet. “In my podcast called Get Real, we’ll explore the reality and unheard stories of artistes, actors, musicians and influencers behind their success. A lot of times we as an audience start dissing celebrities without knowing the hardships and sacrifices they had made along their way to success. So, I feel like this podcast would give an opportunity to hear the behind the stories which would motivate and inspire people to keep going. Along with that, I recently made a cameo in a feature film which is set to be releasing in November or December, so I’m looking forward to that. I am also working on a single with and doing a major in Business Management degree program in a Los Angeles college,” indicators off Shannon.


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