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“I Was Terrified,” Says Woman Who Found Snake Slithering Up Toilet

A lady in Colorado discovered a snake in her bathroom.

A lady in Colorado, US, obtained a impolite shock lately when she discovered a snake in her condominium’s bathroom. Miranda Stewart, of Fort Collins, made the terrifying discovery final Wednesday and shared particulars on Facebook, stories information web site KDVR

Ms Stewart stated she was utilizing the restroom at her Varsity Apartments dwelling when she discovered the snake slithering up. 

“I used the restroom, like went to flush and everything and it wasn’t going down. I looked and leaned in closer and a snake head slithered up. I was terrified,” Ms Stewart stated. According to Fox News, she screamed for her boyfriend to name the condominium’s upkeep man to seize the snake.

Ms Stewart posted photographs of her condominium’s upkeep man extracting the four-foot snake from the bathroom on Facebook, writing: “I’ve never been so scared in my life”.

Wesley Sanford, the condominium’s upkeep man, stated that it took him practically 40 minutes to coax the snake out of the commode. He was pressured to take all the bathroom aside to power the snake out, which was coiled up on the again. 

“We’re thinking it was a possible pet from one of the tenants from our apartment complex. If the snake got in their toilet and slithered to ours,” Ms Stewart stated. 

The non-venomous corn snake has now been adopted by Mr Sanford and named “Boots”.

“I took him home and my wife was very happy with me and we named him Boots. He’s our little guard snake on the property,” Mr Sanford stated.

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