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Gucci, clout, OK Boomer, deadass: Gen Z’s slang decoded to ease your FOMO


The world is perhaps within the throes of a pandemic, however you finest consider that Gen Z goes to Tiktok (extra like Mitron or Chingari now that TikTok is banned) their manner by means of it whereas nonetheless being politically motivated. Sounds unusual? Understandably so, it’s exhausting to sustain with each single pattern that occurs on the web, even if you’re part of the latest high-tech era. And to be very trustworthy, who hasn’t Googled a sure time period after coming throughout it on the web and being completely shook (perplexed) by its which means. We have compiled an inventory of the phrases which might be most in utilization lately, to make it easier to on your quest to vanquish FOMO.

Bougie – Short for bourgeois, used for somebody who has costly tastes or is lavish with their wealth.

“This neighbourhood is a little too bougie for my taste.”


OK Boomer – Used in a not so optimistic manner, that is utilized by the youthful era to tackle the older era in a dismissive manner. Not to be disrespectful, however to present that they belong to a distinct era and don’t perceive the brand new norm.

“Women cannot date other women” “Ok Boomer”.


Karen – what began out as just a few movies of ‘Karens’ asking for the supervisor of an institution as a result of they felt they had been being wronged, has changed into the meme of the 12 months. It can also be meant in a dismissive manner to anybody who’s being exceptionally impolite to others, in an try to exhibit their privilege.

“No, I cannot call my manager ‘Karen’, because this is my establishment.” 


Bread – This is used as a slang for cash as a result of bread is manufactured from dough and dough is one other phrase for cash. You get it.

“Who has the bread, bro? How are we going to pay for these milkshakes?”


Asdfasggjhj or sksksksks – Popularly often called the important thing smash, it says lots of issues with actually saying something. Gen Z makes use of it to denote extreme pleasure or extreme laughter, relying upon context.

“Taylor Swift’s new album ‘Folklore’ just came out.” “asdfdfgdgjfk” 


Glo up – A transition after which one seems to be higher than they did earlier than, like from pre-teen years to maturity.

“Ever since Alex traded his football jersey for a button-down shirt, he has had such a glo up” 


And I … oop! – Used within the case of an accident or blunder. It can also be used when one is caught off guard or is perplexed.

“My brother just came out to our parents. And I … oop!”


Uwu – This is extra of an expression relatively than a phrase. Usually typed out to specific a heat fuzzy feeling or happiness or affection. It can also be used when one needs to seem cute. It comes from anime as you may need guessed.

“I stan Taylor Swift, she looks so uwu in her ‘Cardigan’ video.”


Gucci – This is used when come one needs to specific that one thing or somebody is chill or superior.

“My sister is so Gucci, she got me the new PS5”


Bruh – Further slang for the phrase Bro however is used as a gender-neutral noun. It is utilized in a casual manner to tackle a buddy. It can be used to present disgust or shock.

“Did you just dent my car? Bruh!”


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Enby – Short for non-binary. It is used as a noun for individuals who determine as gender impartial.

“Is it alright if my friend comes over for dinner?” “What’s her name?” “Oh, their name is Alex and they are enby.”


Cap/No Cap – Cap means to exaggerate or lie. No cap means you’re severe about what you mentioned.

“I saw a monitor lizard, the size of a baby alligator outside my house, no cap.”


High-key – This means the other of low-key. Not delicate in any respect. It means intensely or lots.

“I high-key cannot deal with the lockdown any longer.”


Clout – This means that you’ve got affect or pull in a sure state of affairs. It Is normally used for fashionable tiktokers.

“Rey has worked so hard for her clout on Tiktok, her content is so top notch that she has up to a million followers.”


Finna – It implies that one is lastly going to do one thing or that they really feel like doing one thing.

“I’m finna get some McDonalds.”


Say Less – When mentioned in response to one thing it implies that you perceive and that nothing additional wants to be mentioned.

“Nas is the greatest rapper and hip-hop musician of all time.” “Say Less!”


Deadass – This is used to denote that one is severe or that they agree with one thing completely.

“I need to buy a new car.” “Deadass! This junk doesn’t even have a music system.”


Bop/ Banger – Used for music and songs which might be significantly good.

“Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles is such a bop!”


Yeet – This one comes straight out of the ‘Vine’ period, (RIP Vine). People use it to within the context of throwing one thing or to denote a throwing movement. Urban Dictionary defines the time period, “To make a violent motion of any variety, such as a ‘whip,’ or any motion that may be associated with violent camera shake or photo blur.”

“My sister is such a tyrant, she literally yeeted me into the pool.”


Simp – This time period is used to refer to a simpleton or somebody missing frequent sense.


“Girl, you got to stop simping after that man, he is not interested.”

In the Tiktok period, simp is used for somebody who foolishly overvalues one other individual and places them on a pedestal.

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