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Elaneer Payasam: A Delicate South Indian Cold Dessert You Can Easily Make At Home (Recipe Inside)

Elaneer payasam recipe is a must-try.


  • A payasam (or kheer) is an integral a part of South Indian delicacies.
  • Elaneer payasam made with coconut milk and kernels is a good dessert.
  • Here’s a straightforward recipe to make it at dwelling.

Not all South Indian sweets and desserts have been round perpetually. The Mysore Pak, a sinful delicacy that’s crafted with three elements, is a 20th century phenomenon – a tasty deal with that was invented within the Royal kitchens of the Mysore palace. The Elaneer payasam is an much more current phenomenon. While there are fairly a couple of sweets that use coconut milk or tender coconut kernels in components of South India, the concept to mix them in a fragile chilly dessert together with lowered milk is a comparatively new growth. 

A payasam (or kheer) is an integral half of a big South Indian festive, banana leaf meal. Over the previous few a long time, we have adopted the Western template and serve payasams as a dessert on the finish of the meal. It wasn’t at all times eaten on the finish of the meal. It wasn’t unusual for a candy or a payasam to be served as a primary course of a standard banana leaf meal. Also, payasams had been often served scorching or at room temperature. The idea of a chilly semiya payasam (semolina kheer) or paal payasam (milk kheer) in all probability took off within the 1970s and 80s when fridges went extra mainstream throughout city South India. A conventional South Indian payasam sometimes options rice or lentils and are often mildly candy with out too many spice infusions. 

The first time I attempted the Elaneer payasam was on the Southern Spice (see recipe under) at Taj Coromandel, Chennai. This restaurant debuted within the late 1990s and finally the Elaneer payasam grew to become considered one of their signature desserts. Restaurants like Southern Spice are a fan of coconuts from Pollachi (close to Coimbatore) for the extraction of coconut milk and kernels. The tender flesh contained in the coconut is also referred to as ‘Vazhukkai’ in Tamil. It’s additionally known as elaneer. This provides a beautiful gentle texture to the elaneer payasam. Elaneer can also be used to confer with tender coconut water. The well being advantages of elaneer have made it an integral a part of summer time diets throughout South India. It has a excessive focus of electrolytes, nutritional vitamins and minerals (like calcium, potassium and magnesium). It’s additionally wealthy in Amino acids which might be knownto restore tissues and are constructing blocks of protein. 

The distinctive textures and refined flavours of tender coconut or elaneer have now made it a preferred ingredient in western desserts throughout cities like Chennai and Bengaluru the place a young coconut mousse or tender coconut ice cream are now not unique. The Elaneer payasam has additionally regularly develop into an everyday fixture in South Indian eating places and wedding ceremony menus. And similar to the Mysore Pak it has acquired a traditional standing regardless of its current origins.

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Coconut milk is often utilized in South Indian delicacies. 

Elaneer Paysasm Recipe:

(Recipe courtesy – Sujan Mukherjee – Executive Chef, Taj Coromandel, Chennai)

This payasam recipe is the proper steadiness of lowered milk, coconut milk, jaggery and coconut kernel. While it is comparatively easy to make, the bottom line is to steadiness the sweetness and likewise use essentially the most tender kernels. The group at Southern Spice believes that this dish must be consumed instantly (in beneath 6 hours from the time it’s ready). 

Number of parts – 6

Fresh coconut milk – 600 ml
Tender coconut kernels – 200 grams
Jaggery – 100 grams (might be elevated or decreased as per private style)
Reduced milk – 150 ml

Scrape off the flesh of tender coconut and finely chop, and put aside.
Chill all of the elements besides the jaggery.
Pound jaggery in to a tremendous powder.
Add thick and recent coconut milk, mix the combination effectively & sieve.
Now add the lowered milk) and the chopped tender coconut kernels, stir and blend gently.
Serve chilled.



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