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Eijaz Khan reveals his wedding was called off in 2015, says ‘we were both in the wrong’

Eijaz Khan opened up about coming very near getting married in 2015, just for it to be called off a month earlier than the D-Day. The Bigg Boss 14 contestant stated there were some elementary points that he and his betrothed couldn’t remedy, resulting in the determination.

Eijaz and Rahul Vaidya were having a dialog on Bigg Boss 14 when the singer requested him if he got here near getting married. “2015 mein it was supposed to happen. Ek maheene pehle it ended. Dress aa gaya tha, sab ho gaya tha. Dimag hatt gaya tha mera. Uski galti nahi thi, dono ki galti thi. Barabar decision liya usne. Kind of mutual tha, lekin barabar tha. I don’t think any of us were ready for that, fundamental issues solve nahi the, phir meri phat gayi cheezon ko leke, she left (I was supposed to get married in 2015. Everthing was decided but I lost it. It was both our mistake but we could not solve some fundamental issues. It was a mutual decision).”

“I haven’t come out of mental illness. It is an on-going process. There are times I am still scared of being alone and sometimes I am scared of my own self. The two years from 2015 to 2017 have been the most difficult one. But now, I know it is fine to seek therapy, it is ok to put your trust in someone else. It is very important that you expect the way it is. It is important to understand, I am like this and I am feeling this way. The more you try to run away from the fact that nothing has happened to you, the more you will suffer from anxiety issues,” Eijaz had stated forward of Bigg Boss 14.

The actor has had an attention-grabbing journey inside the Bigg Boss home with his proximity to Pavitra Punia and his blow-hot-blow-cold relationship with Kavita Kaushik making information.


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