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Akshay Kumar says wife Twinkle Khanna can’t even cook an omelette, author reveals her regret as a father or mother. Watch


Actor Akshay Kumar and author Twinkle Khanna have been within the sizzling seat as they fielded questions from the ‘most fearsome interviewers’ – little youngsters. They talked about a number of matters, from cooking to superheroes to doing stunts.

Sharing a video of the question-and-answer session on Instagram, Akshay wrote, “Facing the most fearsome interviewers… @tweakindia put me and @twinklerkhanna in the hotseat and we had to spill our secrets, right from who’s our favourite superhero to the best chef in our household. Loved learning about the real-life heroes in the new children’s book from Tweak Books, When I Grow Up, I Want To Be. And maybe Tina can finally shed her hopeless chef title by trying the recipes from this amazing cookbook, What’s In Your Dabba?”

The first query was from a little one, who mentioned that wholesome meals tastes ‘yucky’ and the way she prefers to eat burgers. Akshay instructed her, “You have to eat yucky food. Yucky, which is very healthy. You have to keep yourself fit.”

However, Twinkle referred to as him out and mentioned, “He is saying that and in our ‘What’s In Your Dabba?’ book, he has a healthy recipe, which is avocado toast. But in reality, what does he make for his children? Chocolate paratha. Is it yucky? It is not yucky. Is it healthy? It is not healthy.”

Akshay clarified that he solely makes chocolate parathas generally. “Sometimes, they want to enjoy themselves. Sometimes, on some rare Sunday, I try making that,” he mentioned. He then turned away from the digicam and requested his daughter Nitara (who was not within the body) if she favored it, to which she mentioned sure.

The second query was about who’s the very best chef within the household. Without batting an eyelid, Akshay mentioned, “I don’t think you even have to say it. It’s me. She can’t even make an omelette.”

However, Twinkle felt that the title deserved to go to their son, Aarav. “He (Akshay) is a very good cook. He knows how to fry my brains, boil my blood. If you really want to know the best chef in our family, it’s our son. He can make anything, from rajma to pizzas to the most amazing dessert,” she mentioned. Akshay conceded, saying, “He is the best cook, I am the second best and she can only cook stories.”

Akshay additionally talked about his favorite superhero – Tarzan. “Because he is strong, powerful and he uses his own strength,” he mentioned. Twinkle mentioned she most popular somebody with psychological agility over bodily power.

One little one requested if it was true that ‘police and ghosts will catch (him)’ if he didn’t end his meals. Twinkle reminisced about Aarav’s rising up years and the way she had scared him into consuming all of the meals on his plate.

“I used to tell my son when he was little that if he was not eating his food, the mutton lady would come and she would cut his fingers up, fry them and sell it at Juhu market. Now, this is a horrific story. He didn’t really eat French fries for a very long time because he thought that French fries were made by the mutton lady. But it did the trick and he did eat his food,” she mentioned.

Akshay didn’t agree with this technique and mentioned, “Never ever train your children like this. I know that somewhere, my son got a little scarred by all this. Thank God my daughter is too intelligent and she is amazing. Am I right Nitara? You don’t get bullied by your mother saying all this mutton lady and ghosts, right?” The eight-year-old replied within the affirmative to each questions requested to her.


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Twinkle additionally shared one in every of her regrets, as a father or mother. When requested if she ever cries, she mentioned that she breaks down when upset or annoyed, and doesn’t give that a lot significance to bodily ache. “There have been many times when my kids have complained…this is for moms and dads, not for you kids. I know that there have been many times when my kids have complained and I have ignored it. That has really been something I regret,” she mentioned.

One little one wished to know if Akshay was inspired by his dad and mom to do stunts. “My parents did encourage me but they used to always tell me to be very careful. The most important thing about stunts is coming out unharmed. I never believe a stunt is a good stunt if the person gets any kind of scratch or gets hurt. Whatever you see me or anybody doing, it has all been supervised properly and done. Parents, do encourage your children to do stunts. Stunts are amazing. You never know, he could be one of the best stuntmen,” he replied.

“Partners, allow your spouses to do stunts but just make sure that they have an insurance policy and you are the beneficiary. At least, that is my policy,” Twinkle chimed in.

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